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Now located at 3111 E. Marshall Ave Spokane, WA  99207

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Our Story: Becoming My Father’s House of Prayer in Spokane Washington


There are two overall phases in becoming My Father’s House of Prayer.

Phase One:  Build the House (Construction)

Phase Two: Occupy the House (Ongoing House of Prayer in Spokane)

The Goal of Phase One is to build relationships and unity in the body of Christ (in the context of the house project) with the common purpose of God in building the corporate House of Prayer.

These are the three steps we’ve taken, the one in process and the one to come…

Step 1: Purchase & Prepare House (Completed)
Purchase a six-bedroom, three-bath 1889 historic Victorian home from Avista Corporation and prepare it to be moved.

Step 2: Acquire Land (Completed)
We have purchased the land at 3111 E. Marshall and are paying it off on a low-interest contract.

Step 3: Move House (Completed)
Work includes excavating and preparing the basement foundation walls on the new site, preparing the route, obtaining permits, moving the house, setting the house on the foundation and cleaning former site.

Step 4: Restore House (in Process)
The house will be restored to original condition, utilities and facilities updated and the site work completed.

Step 5: House of Prayer
House will become My Father's House... A House of Prayer for All Nations in Spokane Washington.

Target grand opening 2018

  Restoring a Victorian House

My Father's House in the News​Landmarks: Bridge builder’s home being restoredSpokesman-Review, January 10, 2018.