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Historic Restoration

Project Plan

We’d been given possession of a six bedroom, three-bath 1889 Victorian home, in excellent condition, for one dollar from Avista Corporation, on the provision that we move the home from their land. On November 15th of 2012 we acquired a large lot on the corner of Marshall Avenue and Greene Street. Moving the house took much longer than expected. The house was too heavy to move across the Greene Street bridge until the bridge was repaired. At long last, the lovely home came to rest on its new foundation at 3111 E Marshall, Spokane WA 99207 about noon on December 9, 2015.

Further, it is our intention to honor the historical heritage of the Ross Park area represented by this well-preserved home by saving it from demolition. Our hope is to involve the Spokane Preservation Advocates, the City of Spokane Department of Historic Preservation, the preservation community in Spokane, the Ross Park Neighborhood and the community at large in the move and restoration process. Our hope is that this project will result in community goodwill for all concerned, and growing awareness of My Father’s House, a house of prayer for all nations.

The house and acquired land are dedicated wholly and completely to serving our region with this 24/7 house of prayer.

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1 comentario

Erika Deasy
Erika Deasy
09 dic 2021

I loved this house so much when it was still in Ross Park. My mom and I would stop and walk around it and look into the windows wishing someone could save it. I'm delighted to see that it wasn't demolished, as I had thought, and is getting a new life. It is truly a magnificent home. I appreciate your passion and investment.

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