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A Bit About Us

Our Mission

We envision an abiding place for the spirit of prayer and the manifest presence of God in the Spokane area. This basic purpose is to be accomplished first by a 24-hour-a-day nonstop ministry of prayer in a place dedicated to joyful worship and intercession in full expectation of God releasing His transforming influence into the region. Second, this house of prayer will focus on training and equipping young people and releasing them to disciple the nations for the coming great harvest. Third, this location will be open to all of the Body of Christ, including and encouraging all ethnic, cultural, and generational groups to unite their individuality to the whole, where God’s people manifest unity in diversity, bring down separating hindrances, and grow together toward the fullness of Christ. Fourth, musicians and singers--worshipers--will find their calling in the house of God as modern-day Levites who establish the atmosphere of heaven that releases effective intercession.

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