Jim & Marcia Leuschen

30 years ago, Jim and I attended a weekend conference in Seattle featuring the prophetic ministry of Jim Goll, a prophet from Kansas City. He told us there was a house of prayer in spokane in out future, and that our ministry would be called “Restoration of Hope Ministries,” a ministry to restore individuals and the church to their God ordained destiny. Then, we didn’t even know what a house of prayer was. In fact, there was no house of prayer in Kansas city and the idea was little known and little understood. Without any understanding these words sat idle for years.

But when Shawn Bolz prophesied to us in about 2001 the call to build a house of prayer became very specific. By that time the house of prayer in Kansas city was up and running, and we had a model for understanding. We were to be the directors of the house of prayer with a kinship to the one in Kansas city. We pondered these words and spent time seeking God, praying, fasting, and hiding away in a cabin in Western Montana. At one point we visited the House of Prayer in Kansas city, an oversized trailer with zealous young people worshiping God and hungry for more of him. Our hearts burned within us. Inspired by the heavy tangible manifest presence we found it easy to embrace the prophetic assignment. The Shawn Bolz prophecy had put us one season away from the beginning of its fulfillment. We are now many years beyond that prophecy, but it’s fulfillment began with our house of prayer at the healing rooms conference center. My Father’s House of Prayer is a continuation and the redefinition of that original vision we are so excited to see it happen we seek a place of amazing oneness with God in worship and prayer, a place to pray forth into existence the glory of God and to see it manifest in the earth.

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