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What will it look like

Just Imagine

Imagine a landing place for the presence of God, where the veil between heaven and earth is thin.  In fact, it doesn’t seem to exist.  Everyone can feel the difference.

Imagine a place that vibrates with the atmosphere of heaven, a place that breathes worship and prayer constantly, unceasingly.

Imagine a place where that “aha!” moment of delight in God just keeps happening again and again and again and again.

Imagine a place that is spooky good, because we feel the angelic presence all around us.

Imagine a place where spiritual decrees are made over the region, establishing good purposes of God that once established cannot be nullified.

Imagine a place where blind humanists fall before truth proclamations like the Gadarene demoniac coming into his right mind as the legion of demons leave.

Imagine a place where people come just to hang out, but not to do their own thing, but to experience the wonder of God.

Imagine a place where young people want to go on Friday and Saturday evening, or all night anytime, just because they feel the energy, hope and goodness of God and want to get recharged for their generation.

Imagine a place filled with the tangible sponginess of God’s fuzzy love in the air, a place where hope cancels despair because love governs the thoughts of all who are there, so that you just can’t think a negative thought.

Imagine a place where honor, consideration and respect are the hallmark of each and every human relationship.

Imagine a place where intercession happens constantly, where people are fasting and praying to see the glory of God in regions of the world where darkness reigns.

Think of a place where the impossible seems easy if God wants it, a place to which all the best longings of home point to more than the home itself.

Think about a place where the face of Jesus looking on in love and approval is constantly in view by everyone.

Imagine a place where God’s power flows yet no one focuses very much on that power, because it is a place where the love of God is shed abroad in hearts, where faith leaps up, and where hope cancels despair… and where all three together restore the crushed and forsaken.

Imagine a place on earth as close to the reality of heaven as can be found here on planet earth.

Wrap your mind around the idea of a place God calls a house of prayer for all nations.

Imagine a habitation of God

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